• New Age Celebration With Friends
  • Famous Organizer Celebrates Birthday
  • Hürriyet J Mendel Fashion Show
  • Alem Magazine J Mendel Fashion show at Venedik Palace
  • Hello Magazine J Mendel Fashion Show at Venedik Palace
  • Şamdan Magazine J Mendel Fashion Show at Venedik Palace
  • Life Goes On İnterview
  • Under the Roof Banu Noyan Combining Art and Commerce
  • True Friends of Humanity Awards Ceremony at Kapalı Çarşı Fashion Show
  • Yonca Evcimik Meet with Light Children
  • Best of the Year Award Ceremony
  • Brandium Kenan Doğulu Concert
  • Olivium Fashion Show
  • Young Stars of Dance at Marmara Park
  • Giant Sweater Opening and Fashion Show
  • Kutsi Autograph Signing at Olivium
  • Neomarin Semester Events
  • Klass Magazine İnterview
  • Our Claim İs Not Our Business We Have Care
  • 'I do my job with great passion'
  • Marketing Turkey Annual
  • Coopeation for Animals
  • The Magnificent Fashion Show of the Summit